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The 15 Types Of Finger-Selfies We've Seen During #Election2016

Voters are starting to get creative with their requisite 'blue-finger' photos
by Gelo Gonzales | May 9, 2016
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To quote the highly esteemed UFC philosopher Bruce Buffer: "IT'S TIIIIIIIIIME!"

To vote, that is. The polling precincts are open; candidates are anxious; citizens are finally able to put their money where their mouths have been over the past few months; and to many, it's a welcome end to what has been an arduous path that has splintered friendships the nation over.


Above all, for one day at least, Filipinos will wear one thing in common: a blotch of blue on their finger, proof of suffrage in action. It's a mark that people will proudly be wearing for the next few days. Do you have yours? These people in Instagram certainly have theirs already. Check out the types of "finger-selfies" we've already spotted:

1) The "FIRST!" finger-selfie

Actress Dianne Medina was the first to vote at her precinct at the Tandang Sora Elementary School—and she wants to make sure that you know it.

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2) The "This-Is-How-You-Pose-With-A-Finger" finger-selfie


How to adult #election2016 #du30 #duterte #voteph

A photo posted by Amor Facultad (@missalohamora) on

3) The "Let's Vote In" finger-selfie


Lets vote in ???????? #Election2016 #ForTheFuture

A photo posted by Lyka Benaro (@lykaaab) on

4) The "Shoe-fie" finger-selfie


Let us pray for a clean election and whoever wins, let us support them. #Election2016 #ExerciseYourRightToVote

A photo posted by Rhia Jane del Mundo - Jacob (@whia_jacob) on

5) The "Tinipid-Sa-Tinta" finger-selfie


Exercise... Your right to vote! It's a great day to be a Filipino! #Halalan2016 #election2016 #Philippines

A photo posted by Jp Ruiz (@jp.ruiz) on

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6) The "Hindi-Tinipid-Sa-Tinta" finger-selfie

7) The "Hinding-Hindi-Talaga-Tinipid-Sa-Tinta" finger-selfie


#halalan2016 #Election2016 #PHvote #eleksyon2016

A photo posted by Sherry-lyn Castillano (@scastillano) on


8) The "Camouflaged" finger-selfie


Inked. ???? #election2016 #hairyhands

A photo posted by Engelyn Cruz ???? (@enj._) on

9) The "Look-Over-Yonder" finger-selfie

10) The "Product-Endorsing" finger-selfie


#ink #election2016 #earlyvoters

A photo posted by Rodel (@odeiology) on

11) The "Artsy" finger-selfie


Voted for Duterte and Cayetano. #election2016 #dutertecayetano

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A photo posted by April Grace Alceso Alutaya (@eejiii) on

12) The "Face-Hugger" finger-selfie

13) The "Individualist" finger-selfie


I've done my part. May God bless the Philippines. #election2016 #philippines #election

A photo posted by Duff (@dapydap) on

14) The "Snapchatter" finger-selfie


#Election2016 #ipanaloangpamilyangpilipino

A photo posted by Justin Adea (@justinbeal18) on

15) The "Nosepicker" finger-selfie


Get up, dress up, show up and be counted... #election2016 #halalan2016

A photo posted by JAndrada (@jandrada96) on

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