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First Pinoy-Made Eco Game Now on Facebook!

<p>Saving the world right from your office chair</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 24, 2011
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Let’s talk numbers and social games. As of this writing, a staggering 56 million Facebook users play games on the social network daily, while 290 million play monthly.
Up to 265 million Facebook gamers, meanwhile, spend 210 minutes playing games, 20% of which even pays for cash for in-game benefits.

In the Philippines, 54% of social networking site users cite gaming as the reason they log in, and there are currently 18, 124, 220 Filipinos registered on Facebook.

With such stellar numbers these games on Facebook are getting, it's easy to think they could be used for something monumentally good like, say, saving the earth.

Well, that's exactly what Aboitiz Power had in mind. Aboitiz Power, one of the Philippines’ leading companies, is launching a Facebook game called Alter Space – a game application that is geared towards educating people about the concepts of carbon footprint and cleaner and renewable sources of energy.

Premiering on Facebook this Friday, February 25, this Philippine-made Facebook game teaches gamers about the ways they can proactively participate in the preservation of the earth’s resources.

The premise of the game is simple: your mission is to take care of your own little planet. Do so by keeping your carbon footprint levels low, while still keeping your Happiness levels up by means of accomplishing mini-tasks and challenges.

Alter Space can also be played as a community, where gamers can invite Facebook friends to join in and be their neighbors, where their over-all carbon footprint calculated as a group.

Feedback on whether the player’s choice is environmentally sound or not will be essential in making sure your virtual planet survives. Failing to do so will result in virtual disasters like smog and heat wave, both of which need another completed task to shoo away.

Game developers have also incorporated a Filipino touch into the game, such as the use of pamaypay, playing the game sungka, and having to eat dirty ice cream. So there's no doubt Pinoys are saving the world in this scenario.

The game is free and anyone with a Facebook account could easily play it, so we figure there’s no harm in taking part in this social environmental project. Plus, it gives you another formidable excuse when your bosing catches you on Facebook.

To know more about the game, join its Facebook fan page at

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