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The First-Time Voter's Manual To The National Elections

All the things you need to know before casting your ballot
by FHM Staff | May 8, 2016
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It may seem like it, but putting all those characters into office on May 9 is not a joke. And because you belong to the 37 percent of the general voting population who are considered the youth vote (18-35-year olds, many of you first timers, no doubt), we’ll make the exercise meaningful to you by explaining what exactly we should expect from every person we elect in office, what happens on voting day, and—let’s focus on the real deal here, the presidency—how you can back your one big vote with a true sense of purpose.

We can’t tell you who to vote—that would be against our journalistic principles. But we can advise that to arrive at that one vote, think about what concerns you the most and see how these wannabe presidents intend to solve your problem. If you’re convinced, then your choice will have been easier. But truth is, it won’t be. Our elections are based on personality, not on agenda—and personality is the last thing you can judge objectively. Hence the battle for image in their ads. You just have to choose as best you can. Our next advice is to make them damn accountable for it. How? It’s been shown that social media feeds can force people to take action. You know what to do…

All the officials have general duties that they must meet. As a responsible voter, you must be knowledgeable about it. It will not only help you understand how the government works but also to know who truly deserves your vote and the position.

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Where should I go? How does this work? These are just some of the many frequently asked questions every election day. If you're a first time voter and unaware of the system or you're already a voter and just always clueless about the process, here are the guides straight from a Comelec Coordinator that will make your voting experience quick and easy.

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Now, to help you further choose the candidate you'll vote for—in particular, your next president—click here for a discussion of their platforms and promises.


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