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Five Extra Angas Facts About Sara Duterte

All thanks to her TNL moment
by Mikey Agulto | Jul 6, 2011
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Alas, she punched the sheriff.

We are, of course, talking about Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, who is now gaining widespread notoriousness for her public beat down of sheriff Abe Andres a few moments after a massive riot between local police and unlawful tenants took place.

Four solid punches to the face. Reckon, she could have landed a few more if her bodyguards didn’t interfere. Everyone erupted in cheers, more verbal assaults ensued, and woozy old man was sent to the hospital. Case unclosed, we guess.

As of this writing, Duterte is actually on leave in respect to current investigations being made by DILG. But the outcome proved to be worth the black eye: residents have been granted 10 additional days to pack up, courtesy of the temporary restraining order given by the court.

More news will come out of this outrageous gesture in the coming days, but for now we cite five extra angas facts about the lady politician who put local police to shame and congested a riot by her damn self, Sara Duterte:

1. She won’t get any death threats now
Sara decided to pursue her candidacy as Mayor of Davao City despite allegedly receiving text messages involving death threats from her political rivals. “Dili ko plastic, they are all in my hate list. I hate them because they included my daughter in their dirty tricks and threats,” she said in an interview last year.

2. Rebel with a newfound cause
The lady mayor is also known for her rebellious past, sporting tattoos on her back and legs. But on the less angas side of things, she revealed that her actual dream job is to become a pediatrician. Instead, she chose to kick some power tripping ass and be awesome.

3. She’s like the son he never had
Duterte grew up to be a daddy’s girl, though not in a way one might expect. Not only did former Mayor Rodrigo “The Punisher” Duterte encouraged her daughter’s publicized smackdown of the sheriff, father and daughter also used to drive their big bikes together around the city. Dad was also associated with the Davao Death Squad, killers of minor criminals in Davao. Here’s to hoping daughter sticks with the beating.

4. Woman worked her way up
The duo has been working hand-in-hand as mayor and vice mayor of Davao City for a total of four terms now – Sara served under her father’s office as vice mayor for seven terms, won by landslide in last year’s elections, and her now vice mayor father serves under her. That’s how the wheel of life works for the Dutertes.

5. Youngest AND toughest in history
With her landslide electoral win over Prospero Nograles in 2010, Sara is now listed in history as the first female and youngest-ever mayor of Davao City. Her rise to politics should also hold somewhat of a record – Sara became Mayor only three years after entering politics in 2007, where she was previously practicing a career as a lawyer.

If you still haven't seen Sara Duterte's beat down video, watch below:

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