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Five Greatest Aquino Tributes Ever Made

August 21 marks Ninoy's 27th death anniversary
by Mikey Agulto | Aug 20, 2010
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Pnoy thought it would be unnecessary to make this weekend a long, just to honor his father, Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. this Saturday, August 23.
Of course, a lot of us met this with a frown; the Holiday Economics is the one thing from the previous administration for which the lot of us are thankful.

But think about it and the President may have a valid point: Why create anothe tribute when a flurry of acknowledgment has come and continually come from everywhere?

There's 2008's I Am Ninoy campaign, Aquino edition wristwatches and mobile phones, and the recently concluded documentary called Noy - proves Ninoy's lasting influence 27 years to his death.

Still, nothing will amount to the five greatest Aquino tributes ever made. From the iconic thick glasses to the revamped popularity of the yellow ribbon, the family must have been proud.

The Comebacking Color Yellow (1983-present)
This is actually rooted in the song "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" by Dawn feat. Tony Orlando. It became the theme song of the Aquino family in 1983, the year Ninoy was bound to return from the states.

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"Tie a yellow ribbon/if you still want me," goes a line from the song. Though it is a love song, the Aquino family borrowed the line and encouraged allies of Ninoy to tie a yellow ribbon to indicate their support and their belief that their leader would return after a deportion order from President Marcos.

When a good number of yellow ribbons appeared, the color was adopted as the opposition’s standard symbol.

EDSA Revolution (1986)
One epic Ninoy tribute was held three years after his death in August 1983. The 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution not only proved the superiority of people over the government, it also gave a much-awaited justice to the Aquino family.

Not to say that EDSA was done for Ninoy, instead doing it to pursue what the Aquino family started: oppose the tyranny once and for all.

Still, finding a reason to convince millions to gather around EDSA is a feat only true leaders like Ninoy and Cory can pull off. This revolution would soon give life to other Aquino tributes included in this list – the P500 bill and Cory Aquino’s presidency.

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