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True Stories: Flash = Mob

<em>Huli ka, balbon</em>!
by Ronjay Eduvas | Sep 5, 2012
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A year after having saved some money from my salary as an OFW in Hong Kong, I finally managed to buy a “bigatin” android phone. It was a glorious feeling! As I was checking my new phone on the MTR commute, a group of sexy, petite Chinese girls wearing miniskirts entered the train. I was sitting down with my phone and got lucky when two of them stood directly in front of me. And because I was “testing” my new gadget, I went into boso mode and set my phone camera to video the girls. But just a few seconds into recording, I started getting bad looks from people. By the time I got off on my stop, people were herding toward me and cursing at me in Chinese. How did I get found out? My phone’s video setting was running on auto flash!
Christopher Venturina, by email

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