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For Your Manoy: The World's Most Unusual Condoms

More than just pieces of rubbery pleasure
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 10, 2013
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So Japan has just released a condom that's just--get this--0.01 millimeters! Whoa, that's waaay thinner than the length of a strand of hair! Check out the packaging below.

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Made by Japanese condom maker Sagami using ultra-light polyurethane, the product, called Sagami Original 0.01, now lays claim to the title of world's thinnest condom. And it looks like the company is a pro at it since Sagami also made 0.02 millimeters thin condoms eight years ago. By comparison, ultra-thin latex condoms are twice thicker at 0.04 millimeters.

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We know what you're thinking: Baka naman hindi matibay 'yan. According to Sagami, your pecker's in good hands as they've already vigorously tested over 20,000 units to ensure their strength and safety. Our only beef with? The price tag. At 1,260 yen or about P540 for a box of five, it will discourage the average horny Juan, no matter how thin it is.

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But hey, still a great job, Japan! Your technological prowess is certainly impressive enough that penises all around are nodding in approval. And while we're already in the subject, may we present to you other kakaiba condoms? Hop on to the next page for five of the world's most unusual condoms.

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