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LOL: Forget The Human Centipede, Here Are The Human Dominoes!

Some people just want to watch people strapped onto beds fall one by one.
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 12, 2015
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You're the boss of a big mattress company. You have a fortress of money made from the innumerable beds and you've sold through the years. You've made your bed and what a bed it is. 

But now that you can buy anything, you're bored. You've got a company full of bed-making employees, and none of them is your friend. What do you do? You f*cking strap all of them on onto a bed, line them up like dominoes, you tip one over, and watch the madness ensue. You watch from afar as you admire your own genius—your ideas that make the world drop at your feet. The employees? They're just glad they got an extended break. 

The final human domino falls, and the world goes back to its boring, non-fun self. 

Or you can just replay it over and over again: 

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