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| Jan 27, 2009
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A woman goes to a pet store to purchase some dog food. At the counter, she notices a box full of frogs with the label: “Snatch-Eating Frogs, P200 each (comes with instructions).” She looks around, then whispers to the man behind the counter, “I’ll take one.” She gets home, takes out the instructions and reads them carefully, doing exactly what it says to do. “1. Take a shower. Put on some nice-smelling perfume. 2. Put on a very sexy teddy. 3. Crawl into bed, spread your legs and put the frog down ‘there.’” To her surprise, nothing happens. She thinks perhaps the scent she has chosen is not appealing to the frog, so she showers again and tries another perfume. She gets back into bed, puts the frog between her legs and still nothing happens.

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