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WATCH: Flight Attendant Busts Out Funky Hip Hop Moves!

Welcome to the Mile High Dance Club!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Mar 12, 2015
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One of the most awesome jobs in the world is being a flight attendant. You get to fly and visit awesome places all around the world, meet different kinds of people, and earn major dough on a regular basis.

But that doesn't mean that being an FA is just all fun and no hustle. In fact, they're busy bees, always on the move from one place to another. And then there's the actual job: assist passengers and put up with whatever bullshit they have to offer ("Sir, please put on your seatbelt." "Yes sir, you can have another bag of peanuts." "Sorry sir, you can't have my number.")—all while putting on their best smile.

Sometimes, they even go beyond their usual routine to amuse their passengers. After all, those long flights can really take a toll on a person. Take for instance this funky flight attendant from Canada's WestJest Airlines, who tried to provide some entertainment while waiting for other guests to board the plane. And entertain she did, busting out awesome dance moves to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' hit song "Uptown Funk."

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She identified herself as Caralee Savage, a dance enthusiast who also happens to be an FA. (Kudos to her for mixing her two passions!) Caralee uploaded her dance video on YouTube last March 9 and has since gotten over two million views.

What's so special about her dancing? Well, you can judge for yourself below!

Caralee starts her routine with some guitar strumming

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See how crisp her pop and lock are? This girl's a pro!

Oh, look who's dialing back the clock! We going shimmy!

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According to this report, Caralee is a "former member of Calgary-based Legacy One, a non-profit organization that uses urban arts to empower young people." So she's kind of a pro at overcoming shyness to showcase her talents.

Calling out Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and Air Asia, your turn, guys!

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Check out the full video below:

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