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These People Tried Riding A Hoverboard...And Failed Horribly

They all fell hard after stepping into the future!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Oct 16, 2015
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There's no denying that hoverboard scooters are "in" right now. They've exploded in popularity since being introduced to the market last year. Even celebrities can't resist trying out these futuristic-looking, self-balancing rides.

Right, J.R.?

Besides, who wouldn't want to ride this transportation wonder? Sure, it looks like a hands-free Segway and isn't really "hovering," but this is the closest thing we have to a mainstream hoverboard. The experimental ones, like this gem from Lexus, still need a bit of work. (Marty McFly and Doc are scheduled to arrive next week, October 21, from the past so maybe they can help us with that)

Owning one is definitely cool (you can buy one online right now for P11,000- P18,000), but riding it can be quite a challenge. Not all of us are born with J.R. Smith's athleticism, or Tony Hawk's "I-can-ride-any-board" genius. Some people need more time and practice before they can cruise the streets on these bad boys.

Many will fail miserably (and it will hurt).

Just like these poor creatures:

Everything was nice and steady for this little playa' when suddenly... Man down! Man down!

This dude found his confidence in shambles.

This girl went down hard. We hope she didn't sustain any serious injuries.

Hey, ladies! Is not being able to ride a hoverboard a big turn-off?

Noooo! There's lava on the floooorr!

Oh my. That had to hurt.

We don't think this is the right way to do a backflip.

For more funny hoverboard fails, check out the video below:

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