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5 Mother's Day Pranks That Had Us LOLing Hard!

Putting a surprise twist to the usual M-Day celebrations!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 11, 2015
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We hope you did something nice for your mothers yesterday, fellas!

Mother's Day is a special event which commemorates our dear moms from all around the world. But you know that already, which is why we bet many of you did the "usual" special stuff for the number one woman in your life: take her out to dinner, a movie date, or a spa session. Nothing wrong with that, as long as she's happy then you're The Man, bro!

Some folks, however, did something out of the ordinary: They went with a prank. Don't worry, we're talking about the harmless ones and not the type the Jackass crew would do.

If you're looking for a bit of inspiration, we've come up with five of 'em pranks below. Don't forget to have a nice, heart-warming bawi in the end if you want to go this route for next year though, because once again, the point of M-Day is to do something that makes your mom happy, and not something that will feed your craving for LOLs.

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Watch and learn!


Video via Elite Daily

This video shows thatdespite a few curses here and thereour moms have the most genuine concern for us in the world. And after you've revealed the ruse, be sure to do something extra special for her after, mmm-kay?


Video via mlg prank channel

Warning: Do this only if you're sure you can handle a slap to the face or a potential police report. By the way, the star of the video is a real couple. They created this video to spread the word about their pursuit of adoption. (These guys will make awesome parents!)


Video via fouseyTUBE

Don'tunder any circumstancesdestroy your mom's gizmos. Unless of course you're actually going to replace it with something much, much better!

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