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Get Rid Of Your Double Chin, Fast

Tired of seeing multiple folds below your face? Here's what you can do
by Mars Salazar | Mar 12, 2017
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When it's picture-taking time, guys are a relatively low-maintenance bunch: we just want our hair neat, our faces as pimple-free as possible, our muscles discreetly flexed, and our double chins in hiding. And while we can easily do something about the first three, you can't just slap a filter or pose in a weird angle to make that fatty flesh vanish.

Submental fat, the pouch of fat that forms your submental fullness (yes, there's a legit term for it), is present in everyone, says Dr. Kyla Talens of Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic & Lifestyle Solutions. However, there are some factors that can make it larger like weight gain and aging, which causes the skin to sag and worsens your double chin's appearance.

And like seeing ugly neck rolls every time you look in the mirror isn't bad enough, a fat chin also poses some health risks. “People who are overweight are at greater risk for developing illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes, among others,” cautions Dr. Kyla. If you're getting tired of seeing multiple folds below your face, here's what you can do:

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1) Lose some weight

There are many articles floating online about exercises you can do to banish your double chin like head lifts, neck stretches, and tongue movements. You can try them, but don't expect to see instant noticeable results.

“There is no such thing as spot reduction,” says fitness instructor Ghel Lerpido. No shortcuts here, bros: consistent workouts and a healthy diet is key. “Basta pumayat ka, mawawala ang double chin.”

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2) Chew frequently

A little gum work can supposedly help tone the muscles in the chin and jaw area, but proceed with caution. For one, it can trigger TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), which can cause headaches, toothaches, and related pains. The sugar in your bubblegum of choice can also contribute to tooth decay, burning an even bigger hole in your pocket. Chew if you must, but choose a sugar-free brand with Xylitol to make your teeth happy.


 Visit the doctor

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There's always good ol' liposuction, but if you're not into that, many aesthetic centers offer various treatments to help you say goodbye to your double chin for good.

Radio frequency (RF) treatments can melt stubborn body fat, and this service can done on your double chin. If you're looking for quick results, Dr. Kyla recommends visiting her for an Insta-Lift (starts at P1,000), which liquifies fat inside adipose cells. “It's the perfect quick fix when you’re getting ready for a special occasion like a job interview, a party or a date,” she says.

If you want longer-lasting results, you can try Skin Philosophie's V-Contour, (P10,000 per session), which uses a high-intensity focused ultrasound machine to target stubborn fat and tighten skin. It's a non-invasive procedure that can give longer-lasting results, which you can see after a few sessions.

Want to banish your double chin ASAP? Dr. Kyla can combine Agnes microneedling and RF (P30,000 per session) to get drastic results. “The needle physically reaches the subcutaneous fat layer of the skin to actually destroy fat cells. You can hear the fat sizzling as the machine shoots RF energy beneath,” shares Dr. Kyla, who adds that it's all done under local anaesthesia so you won't feel a thing. If you're worried about sagging skin, you can add the Legend Tripollar RF to make your neck area tighter.

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4) Contour it away

If you're both too tamad to exercise and too poor to have your fat zapped by a doctor, you can steal your girlfriend's makeup kit and contour your double chin away. We know “contour” sounds like an extremely complicated procedure, but it's just all about playing with light and dark shades to create a sculpted look. Check out the video below to see how you can do it—better yet, find a willing girl to do it for you:

5) Improve your posture

These days, we're almost always looking down at our phones, tablets, and laptops. All this hunching isn't good for your chin, so you really have to make an effort to fix your posture. Always carry yourself upright and keep your chin up, especially for photos. It won't give you lasting results, but at least your chin situation will always look excellent in pictures!


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