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Ghetto Glory

<p>Because Slumdog won the Oscars, a tribute!</p>
| Feb 24, 2009
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You have got to admit it: Indians are an interesting bunch. [firstpara]Somewhere between Sushmita Sen and the Slumdog slamfest, people have become endeared to India and its lovely people.

Slumdog’s win only makes official India’s appeal. Here, we list the seven things that earn India prime seats in our hearts.

1. Made in India
The world has to thank India for discovering the following: game of snake and ladders, chess, yoga, navigation, cockfighting, dentistry,
 plastic surgery, pajamas, and kama sutra.

They, too, are responsible for coming up with algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and the number zero.

Words: Aimee Morales

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