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Sweet Christmas Gift Ideas For Sneakerheads (That Are Not Shoes)

That means these also aren't wallet-busters!
by Miguel Escobar | Dec 11, 2015
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People with specific interests can be the most difficult ones to shop for. So if you're looking to give a sneakerhead something special this holiday season, you'd be in for a little bit of a challenge. Most sneakerheads tend to have very particular tastes, so scoring a good gift for your shoe-obsessed friend (or self) can take some brainwork.

Luckily, we've got a host of suggestions for you to consider: stuff that kicks addicts would appreciate any day of the year. Shoes, you say? Well, no. That's too predictable. Rather, we're talking about nifty things they'll find cool or useful, even if it's not something they can put their smelly feet into.

Whether you're putting together your own personal wish list for the company exchange gift or looking to cop a shoe enthusiast something cool for Christmas, here are several options to consider.

1) Jason Markk Cleaning Kit

Famously effective at keeping kicks clean, Jason Markk products are things that sneakerheads always need more of.

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Cop it: P895 at Titan

2) Stance socks

There's nothing quite like a nice pair of socks with pops of color to match your sneakers.

Cop it: P590 upwards at Sneak Peek

3) Clear Acrylic Shoe Boxes

Shoe storage is a big thing for sneakerheads. When your collection starts growing, clear shoe boxes are invaluable for sorting and easily identifying one pair from the other.

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Cop it: P1,169 at Lazada

4) Shoe horn

Some sneakerheads are so desperate to score a pair of sneakers that they would cop a size down and just deal with the ill fit. Gift them with a shoe horn to help them slip in and out of their kicks with ease.

Cop it: P460 at

5) Dehumidifier

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Every sneakerhead knows to store their kicks with desiccants and dehumidifiers. These prevent mold build-ups and the overall degradation of rubber and leather, prolonging the lifespan of your sneakers.

Cop it: P150 at True Value

6) Sneaker News Vol. 2

Having a little shoe-filled holiday reading material never hurt! Sneaker literature is always great for brushing up on history, or just admiring excellent sneaker art.

Cop it: P650 at Titan

7) Cedar Shoe Trees

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Shoe trees are meant to prevent one of the sneakerhead's worst natural enemies: creasing. Stash your kicks away with these shoe trees in them and you get the added bonus of a fresh cedar scent.

Cop it: P895 at True Value


8) Rastaclats

They're fat shoelaces braided into bracelets—the perfect accessory to express your shoe addiction. Bonus points if you can pick out one that matches the recipient's (or your) kicks.

Cop it: P600 upwards at Titan

9) The Shirt to Match

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We're well aware that there's a limit to how much you should match your kicks to the rest of your outfit, but a matching shirt can't hurt—especially if it was really meant for a specific pair of sneakers.

Cop it: P1,895 at Nike Stadium and Titan

10) Kiwi Suede Protector

Two of the most troublesome materials to deal with when keeping your crepes (a.k.a. trainers) clean are suede and nubuck. And because an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, sneakerheads are sure to appreciate a little formula that helps protect their premium kicks.

Cop it: P695 at True Value

11) SOFSOLE Sneaker Ball

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It doesn't matter how nice your kicks are if they smell like kachichas. Give these sneaker balls a twist and plop them into your shoes to keep them fresh, inside and out.

Cop it: P329 at Planet Sports

12) Shoe Goo

This one goes out to all sneakerheads who beat their shoes to a rubbery pulp. Shoe Goo has been one of the most trusted sneaker repairing agents, particularly famous among skaters for prolonging the life of their shoes. It's perfect for those who can't let go of a special pair.

Cop it: P399 at Planet Sports

But if you're feeling generous then, by all means, go with a new pair!

When it comes right down to it, there's no better gift for a sneakerhead than sneakers. If you've got bills to burn and are really looking to brighten someone's Christmas, opt for a classic, simple pair that will last without breaking the bank, like the two below:

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Converse x Missoni Chuck Taylor All Star (high-cut)

Cop it: P3,510 at Converse outlets around the metro

Pony Bronx

Cop it: P3,395 at Pony outlets around the metro

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