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What You Should Give Women This Christmas (As Told By Real Women)

Skip the flowers and chocolates. Make the season extra special with these gift ideas from the ladies themselves!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Dec 8, 2015
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Your girlfriend might be keeping mum, but she's expecting a lot from you in terms of gifts, bro.

So we ask: What are you planning to buy her?

What? You've no idea yet? You'll think about it a day before Christmas? We have advice for you: If you care about your relationship, make her feel extra special this gift-giving season. One way you can do that is by giving her something that will truly make her squeal in delight.

To help you out, we've taken out the guesswork by soliciting sweet gift ideas from girls for girls.

Here's what they had to say...

1) Girls want the bling!

"Since I'm in a long distance relationship, I'd really appreciate if mag-padala siya ng watch. For me, it's a symbol na may oras siya sa'kin kahit we are far from each other." —Renalyn, 23

"I would like to receive a necklace or any sort of jewelry. It makes me feel adored by the one giving it to me. Diamonds are girl's best friend, they always say. We can't get enough of it." —Ria, 23

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"Necklace. Kasi feeling ko he is always with me every time suot ko 'yun." —Lizette, 23

2) Girls want, erm, cash.

"Shopping spree! Actually, win-win siya. He doesn't have to think too much about what to give me and I don't have to pretend I like his gift if he fails to give me something I like." —Mary Kimberly, 22

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"Mas okay kung cash para ako na lang ang bibili or kaya kasama niya akong bibili ng gift para sa akin. At least, hindi na siya ma-stress and sure na gusto ko 'yung regalo niya." —Trina, 22

3) Girls want the pretty stuff to dress themselves with—lingerie included!

"I want new clothes or shoes. Masarap sa pakiramdam na naibigay niya 'yung gusto mo pero 'yung effort mas mahalaga pa rin." —Shine, 22

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"I want lingerie from him. It's like he's telling me na ang sexy ko and he wants, "you know," for Christmas." —Leslie, 28


4) Girls want time.

"Time. Sana my boyfriend would give me most of his time para may kasama ako this Christmas." —Nina, 24

"I'm not materialistic. Just as long as we spend the season together or go on a simple dinner, sobrang okay na 'yun!" —Cola, 21

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"His time and effort are the best gifts he could give. It's cheesy but it's really what I want for Christmas." —Crisette, 32

5) Girls just want to get out of the house!

"I'd love to receive a neck pillow because I love traveling a lot." Marlyn, 25

"A surprise holiday getaway so we could spend more time together."Ilona, 24

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"I want a date sa cruise. I'm dreaming kasi of a cruise wedding so sana he'll let me have a taste of my dream this holiday." Honeylyn, 24

6) Girls appreciate practical gifts too!

"Some women want new bags, dresses and gadgets for Christmas. But for me, the only thing that I would like from my hubby is a year's supply of milk. We have two kids that could really use it! It’s better to be practical." —Karina, 37

7) And some girls just want...a puppy.

"I want a puppy for Christmas. I think this will make my 2016 less stressful and fun!" —JM, 26

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Now, before you merely pick a gift idea from the ones mentioned by the women here, allow us to tell you the big secret: You need to know your girlfriend or wife's interests. It's a test of how close you and she are. Get her the gift she really, really wants, and she'll appreciate the fact that you know what she wants more than the actual gift itself. (Unless of course, your gift to her is a million pesos. That's tough to beat, you rich asshole.)

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