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Dude Gets Bashed After Calling Oral Sex 'Gross And Traumatic'

A guy from London writes about his 'traumatic' experience going down on a girl, subsequently gets hated by cunnilingus fans on the internet.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 29, 2015
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So, there's this bro from London named William Lloyd, who writes for a website called The Tab.

Last October 25, he came out with an article titled "Why I don't go down on girls," a lengthy essay where he described the act of performing oral sex on a woman as "gross and traumatic." The writer narrated that a girl had come all over his face when he once went down on a girl. In his own words, the "hot, sticky, wet jet of piss" had made his eyes dry and itchy.

The "piss": made him rinse in a shame and embarrassment so total as to make me say to myself that I'd never go down on a girl a second time." Dude got so traumatized that he swore to never go down on a girl again.

And to dudes who say that they like going down on women? Lloyd had this to say: "Between guys, well, find me an average bloke who enjoys going down on women as much as he claims to in front of them and I’ll find you that missing Malaysian airliner."

As you'd expect, netizens (particularly, girls) weren't impressed with his story. These were the remarks we found in the comments section of the said article:

William Lloyd, we wish you all the luck in finding a woman who'd still want to give you head.

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