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Happy 420: A Video Compilation Of Funny High People

Police: 'Do you take drugs or alcohol?' Stoner: 'What is drugs?'
by Mark Coles | Apr 20, 2016
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Happy 420, everyone!

If you have no idea why April 20 is an important date...well, we think you're lying. It's either that or you're pretending not to know because you're reading this beside your lola and don't want her to know why you like "oregano" so much.


Anyway, in celebration of 420, we give you the funniest pot-related compilation video we've seen on YouTube. This video, by (YouTube) user GermanWeedBoys, shows how pretty funny high people can be.

It contains a guy proclaiming that “swag and good looks” gives him police immunity. Unfortunately, swag and good looks couldn’t prevent the police from 'cuffing him.

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It also contains three elderly ladies blazing it for the first time.

Another one of our favorites is DMX learning how to use Google while high.

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Although, we think that that's how DMX normally is.

And the video wouldn’t be complete without American rapper Snoop Dogg, who shared his stash of "dog food" with television host Chelsea Handler.

Now here's the full video:


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