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Bar Room Jokes: Heightened Senses

Meet the blind taste-testing genius!
by Ronjay Eduvas | Sep 5, 2012
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One day a blind man walks into a restaurant. He shuffles around before finding a seat. The waiter asks him, “What are you having, sir?” “Okay, this is gonna be a weird request, but give me the fork of the last person who ate here,” answers the blind man. The waiter is taken aback but complies with his new customer’s request. The blind man shoves the fork into his mouth, sucks and licks it, then said, “Yum! Meatloaf and mash potatoes! I’ll take it!” “Woah! You’re right!” exclaims the surprised waiter. For the next three days the blind man goes to the restaurant, asks for the last used fork, and guesses right.

On the fourth day the waiter decides to play a trick on him. He tells one of the waitresses:“Hey, Jenny, come here. This blind man has been coming here the last couple of days. He asks for a used fork then correctly identifies what food it was used on. Today, I’m gonna mess with him. Take this fork and stick it down the front of your pants!” Jenny obliges and rubs the fork down her nether region. The waiter then hands the soiled fork to the blind man. The blind man shoves it into his mouth, sucks and licks it. After a few seconds, he shouts, “Hey! I didn’t know Jenny worked here!”
Rainier Anthony Bacarse, by email

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