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Hello Kitty Is Not A Cat And 11 Other Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

Earlier today, the Internet blew up because of a shocking revelation: Hello Kitty is not a cat! WTF?!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Aug 28, 2014
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Earlier today, the Internet blew up because of a shocking revelation: Hello Kitty is not a cat! She's a human girl!

WTF, right?

Gents, the cat is out of the bag. All together now:

According to Sanrio, she's a British girl named Kitty White, the daughter of George and Mary White. Kitty's currently (and forever will be) on third grade and has an affinity towards apple pie. She even owns a pet cat named Charmmy Kitty.

The truth was revealed when Christine Yano, the curator of the upcoming Hello Kitty exhibit in Los Angeles, was corrected by Sanrio after describing Kitty as a cat.

But how do you explain the pointy ears and the cat whiskers? Why is she wearing a ribbon when she clearly doesn't have a single strand of hair? Seriously, how come she looks like a freakin' cat?

And if you think this the only surprising fact that can shake your world as you know it, you're dead wrong, brother. Because we're about to give you 11 more shocking revelations that will make you scream "Hindi ngaaaa!" in a jiffy!

And we start things off with...

President Aquino and the bullet that's still lodged on his neck

Image via

Back in 1987, when his mother, Pres. Cory Aquino, was still in Malacañang, P-Noy was caught in the middle of a botched military coup. Police reports reveal that three of his bodyguards were killed while he sustained five bullet wounds, one of which is still embedded in his neck.

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Coca-Cola once literally contained cocaine

Image via Buzzfeed

When John Stith Pemberton made the first ever bottles of the now-popular soft drink back in 1886, he originally laced it with a dose of cocaine, which was legal at the time. They also marketed the beverage as a cure for headaches, anxiety, depression, indigestion, and low sexual libido before eventually removing the substance in 1903.

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Colonel Sanders hated KFC

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Col. Harland David Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, hated his own product. Reports indicate that he sold the company to a food and liquor conglomerate, and even once claimed that KFC is not up to par with the best chickenhouses in terms of quality. The Colonel eventually received a settlement of $1,000,000 to stop the allegations.

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