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WATCH: Bare Skin Getting Tasered In Super Slow-Motion

Watch as this brave dude endures 50,000 volts to show us how getting tasered looks like in super slow-mo.
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 14, 2015
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Slow-mo cameras are a wonderful thing. They show us how things work in a way our eyes don't typically see. Moments unfold in painstaking detail, thus allowing to see the popping of a balloon or the process of getting inked in a way we haven't.

Here's another thing we can now see in slow-motion: how a taser delivers its shocking payload on a person's skin. YouTube's "The Slow Mo Guys" released a video on September 10 featuring a man being shot in the back with a taser. In order to capture the taser's blazing speed, the video's producers used a camera that's capable of shooting 28,000 frames per second (fps). That's so many times more powerful than your iPhone 6's 120 fps slow-mo-capable camera.

The video shows the taser's two metal arrow-like probes drilling into the man's back at a velocity of 36 meters per second. The probes then deliver an electric shock rated at 50,000 volts, thus causing the muscles to convulse. The most gruesome part though? That moment when the probes are pulled out of the skin—in slow motion as well. 

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