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Can You Really Increase The Size Of Your Manhood?

A urologist tells us that it's possible, but...
by Romelee H. De Luna | Jul 28, 2016
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A survey found out at least 30 percent of the male population are conscious about the length of their penis. The reason is obviously associated with its supposed effect on their performance in bed.

According to a study conducted by urologists at a university in Italy, the most popular way to manage a low-risk penis-enhancement procedure is by traction. To be able to grow an average of 1.5 to 2.5 centimeters, a guy has to wear a penile extender that stretches the penis for several hours a day within four months.

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Going deeper and more specific about this study, we asked Dr. Patrick H. Tuliao, a fellow at the Philippine Urological Association and general urologist sub-specializing in oncology, endourology, laparoscopic, and robotic urologic surgery, if it can really be done.

He says it is indeed an effective non-surgical method to increase penile length.

Dr. Tuliao further explained, "In theory, the pulling force of the extender results in the production of new collagen through increased cellular production, which then leads to gradual penile tissue expansion and ultimately, penile lengthening." He, however, noted that while the length may improve, extenders will not give you an increase in girth.


Now you're probably asking how the hell can you wear an instrument for traction, considering your demanding daily routine. The researchers say it is impractical and not doable for most men due to the investment in time required. Dr. Tuliao, however, said there are options that aren't as time-consuming.

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"Penile length and circumference can be augmented via several ways. The most commonly performed surgery to lengthen the penis is to release the suspensory ligament (a process that involves attaching the base of the penis to the pubic bone) combined with some form of skin flap. Other methods include the use of penile prosthetic implants and rib cartilage attachment," he said. "Meanwhile, penile girth can be enlarged using fat injection or grafts such as dermal fat, large blood vessels, and fascia."

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But before you go on with any plan, our urologist warned that penile augmentation procedures are mostly reserved for men who suffer from penile pathologies such as Peyronie's disease—a condition characterized by a penis that's shortened and curved downwards because of extensive scarring.

Also, these procedures aren't totally risk-free. "Complications can arise no matter how simple the procedure appears to be. Use of extenders may cause pain, skin irritation, and abrasions, not to mention hematoma formation due to blood vessel injury. Aside from bleeding, wound infection, and scarring, surgical procedures to lengthen the penis may result in reduced penile sensation, penile shortening (when the penis reattaches to the pubic bone), erectile dysfunction, abnormal penile curvature, and an unstable penis especially during intercourse."

Methods aimed at increasing the girth, added Dr. Tuliao, can result in multiple, irregular lumps in the skin, graft loss, and reabsorption of the fat graft.

Bottom line: Worry less about your penis size or take the risk. In case you decide to go for the latter, it's best to consult with a doctor to determine your eligibility for a penile enhancement procedure and having a properly trained urologist to perform the surgery.

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Dr. Patrick H. Tuliao conducts consultations at The Medical City, Manila Medical Hospital, and University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center.

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