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LOOK: Karl Malone Still Uses A Flip Phone

The Mailman doesn't want your shiny iPhones!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Sep 29, 2015
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We all know who Karl Malone is. 

The former Utah Jazz scoring machine (and one-time Los Angeles Lakers' forward) was half of the fabled Stockton-to-Malone connection, a two-time league MVP, a member of the NBA's 50 Greatest Players, and the closest thing you can call as a rival to His Airness, Michael Jordan, in the late '90s.

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Now, the Louisiana native is a full-time dad who enjoys watching his son, K.J. Malone, play college football as one of the offensive guards for the Louisiana University Tigers.  

And he’s not exactly shy about showing the world that he's a proud dad. Just check out how he delivered his celebratory dance when the Tigers scored a touchdown against the Syracuse Orange during their weekend match-up:

Malone’s dance was a perfect criss-cross of an old man’s shimmy fused with Fat Joe’s “Lean Back.”

More importantly, while the whole world enjoys the golden age of the Internet and smartphones, Karl still uses a flip phone! Now, that’s really old-school!

He's not the only flip phone aficionado left in this world though. Here's his longtime partner in crime and buddy, John Stockton, proving that they are still in sync with each other.

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However, the photo was taken more than a year ago, so who knows, maybe the NBA's all-time assist leader have already got himself an iPhone, too. 

Still, keep partying like it's the 1990's, Karl.

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