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Here's Showing Andi Our Support!

Young lady should handle herself just fine
by Mikey Agulto | Jun 30, 2011
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It was a rumor at first, but last night, Jaclyn Jose herself confirmed it: “Yes, it’s true, my daughter’s pregnant.” [firstpara]The veteran actress is of course talking about budding Kapamilya star Andi Eigenmann, better known as the chick currently starring in the primetime soap Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin.

So Andi Eigenmann’s pregnant; around four months to be exact.

She reportedly just turned 21 the week before, and if memory serves us right, she’s only been in showbiz for five years; enjoying mainstream superstardom for about two.

No news on who the father is yet, but the girl’s keeping the baby, anyway.

"’Pag may pagkakamaling nagawa ang anak ko, hindi ko sinasabing tama. Huwag n'yo lang husgahan,” Andi’s mother continues.

We say there’s no need to apologize, even more so worry.

We do believe Andi’s career will take a turn from here on, but that’s not to say it’s inclined to go for the worse. To begin with, coming out with the truth is a far better move than simply fading away and denying it.

Case in point: Jennylyn Mercado, who, after news of her becoming pregnant hit the newsstands in 2008, decided to lay off showbiz for a good year to give birth to an otherwise healthy baby boy. She has since returned to doing films and soaps, had her second FHM stint in 2009, and regained top billing status in no time.

So too is the case for Valerie Concepcion, who is now a consummate household name after postponing her career to give birth several years back. Even Camille Prats, who got pregnant in 2007, is enjoying a TV comeback with a lead role in the primetime soap Munting Herdera.

We guess the point is Andi should come out of this debacle just fine. If anything, the girl just made the standard to identifying modern-day mom shells go several notches higher. Fans will come, fans will go, but fans can and will most definitely return.

So here’s to showing our undying loyalty to the beauty and talent of Andi Eigenmann, which also comes as an opportunity to bid ourselves first dibs on your eventual showbiz comeback some time next year, courtesy of an FHM cover. But for now, miss, we wish you the best of luck!

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