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Here's A Peek Into Papa Jack's Book on Love

There is much to be learned, young (and single) padawans...
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 14, 2013
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Love Radio 90.7 DJ Papa Jack and his shows True Love Conversations and Wild Confessions are like quicksand. Your ears catch a whiff of his voice, his expert love advice, or an on-air whooping of a caller who insists it’s okay to chase after two different girls, and you’re trapped. Screw all them telenovelas, Papa Jack’s real-life romance-rescue hotline is more riveting.

His book, Everything I Need To Know About Love I Learned From Papa Jack, is a comprehensive compilation of his best recorded work. From his signature pambabara of callers to his hilarious (and accurate) commentary on landian, the book is for anyone wanting a dose of this DJ’s brand of comedy.

Lest we forget, it’s also for the faltering Casanova who needs a little shove in the right direction. It says so right on the cover: “365 Quotes para sa single, in love, problemado sa relasyon at sawi sa pag-ibig.” If you fall under any of those categories, well, we’ve got a little primer for you, below. We’ll flip open the book, eight random times, and see what manner of lovely wisdom (or cuddly pet names, at least) it shall impart us!

1) "Ang love, dapat buong-buo, dapat walang kahati, dapat siya lang."

We say: Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, wag magagaaray! Aray!

2) "Isa kang drama queen. Sana nag-artista ka na lang, yumaman ka pa."

We say: Get your overly whiny friend a trophy, and use it to smack some sense into her while explaining that she isn't the star of this telenovela called life.

3) "Love is like riding a car without breaks going downhill. You know you'll get hurt, but you'll still take the ride."

We say: That's what we're talking about, Papa J! If we may add something though, we say it definitely wouldn't hurt to always put your seatbelt on. Safety first, dear readers!

4) "He became a monster sa relasyon ninyo just because pinakain mo siya ng mga bagay para lumaki siya as a monster."

We say: In this section of quotes all pertaining to a girl's dilemma about her boyfriend becoming an evil BF, we ask: "Eh ano nga ba kasi yang pinapakain mo sa boyfriend mo, te? Pahingi naman kami n'yan!"

NEXT: "Boy: 'I love you.' Girl: 'Thank you.'"

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