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Hey Daiana, What's Going On?

She may be asking for help
by Mikey Agulto | Jun 13, 2013
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We've been giving it the benefit of the doubt for the past few days, but now we're worried: Is Daiana Menezes a recent victim of domestic violence? And why is she discreetly crying for help on social media?

Daiana Menezes
The Brazilian model's cryptic messages and photos about violence against women on Instagram have caused alarm among her fans online. On Sunday, June 9, she posted a photo with the caption "No to rape." She followed it up with another post, this time containing the hashtags #NOtoDomesticViolence and #NOtoRape. By the time a third post was made, bearing the words "Real men don't use violence," her followers finally brought it up: "Are you ok, ms. @daianamenezes?"

And then the messages got more and more disturbing. "Lord please I can't take this anymore," she writes on one of her latest Instagram posts. "I'm all by myself here, prayers are much appreciated. But sa totoo lang THANK YOU PO LORD I'M STILL ALIVE." Without going into details, Daiana soon told her followers it's time for her to break her silence.

Daiana Menezes                                                           The disturbing note Daiana posted on Instagram

"I am aware of the posts and they aren't cool. How can they be cool? But keeping silent isn't the best anymore after I heard they'd believe me only seeing with their own eyes," she writes. "So time to SPEAK UP. My apologies to those I had to ignore or not give details, even if I do, aside from looking DUMB MYSELF, I wish I had a CCTV, or if I knew, record would do, but ang sakit.'"

She went on to describe what she's going through as a kind of "physical, sexual, and emotional pain that can't be explained." "There are two sides of the coin and I know the other side will fight for defense, since there's bipolar order, things can be turned around," she adds. Daiana also revealed that the only witnesses who can help her have, allegedly, all been paid to keep quiet.

Daiana Menezes                                             One of the many posts Daiana made about rape and violence

Okay, now there are witnesses and authorities involved? We didn't like where this was going, which is why we decided to look into it ourselves. tried to get in touch with her, but sources close to her told us that she refuses to talk about what happened and is not authorizing anyone else to do so publicly. We've learned however that she refuses to leave her house and is keen on lying low at the moment.

We're not drawing any conclusions just yet, but based on what we heard, this might have something to do with a guy Daiana is involved with. Head over to the next page and find out what else is brewing.

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