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Hey, There is Such a Thing as Naked Therapy!

<p>We always knew there's more to nakedness than just being naked</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 8, 2011
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Ever heard of naked therapy? It's a new kind of treatment where a therapist converse with her troubled patients online while slowly stripping off all clothing from her body.
That’s right: bare your soul to her and she will bare her body in exchange.

This new trend is fast making a tingling sensation among male customers in the US courtesy of 24-year old psychology graduate Sarah White (that's her in the photo), who believes that the power of arousal can help people gain more control of their lives. We love the way you think, woman.

“Like massage therapy uses massage, psychotherapy uses psychology, and aromatherapy uses scents, naked therapy uses nakedness to feel freer and stronger and healthier and happier,” she states on her website

Though not a licensed therapist, Sarah now has over 30 clients, most of whom are college students with sexual issues, men with relationship problems, and the occasional female patients as well. She is also included in’s list of top ten sexiest geeks of 2010, according to

Her clients get to schedule a consultation with Sarah through her website, where she strips naked in a span of an hour while they vent out on their personal problems.

Each awesome session will cost a customer around $100 to $150 and will use a one way webcam, which can develop into two way video or even in-person appointments once you develop a healthy professional relationship with her.

It might sound pornographic to some, but perhaps they will find the comfort in knowing that Sarah has a strict policy when it comes to the privacy of her service. She prohibits clients from recording their online sessions, a deed she will take legal action with if violated.

“You encounter me, just as I am with nothing to hide. And as a result you feel closer to me, less inhibited around me, and by being turned on you're able to discover things you might not with a clothed therapist," she adds on her website.

And hey, if naked therapy indeed works, then our magazine just earned itself a thousand more pogi points from the FHM nation. Nothing but good things, stripping brings.

To know more about this splendid service, visit Sarah’s website and her naked therapy Facebook fan page.

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