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Hey Willie, When is Too Much?

<p>With everything that happened in Willie's career, it's a wonder he's still on TV</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Apr 5, 2011
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As far as we know, controversies have always coursed through Willie Revillame’s career. He never gets tired of airing his sentiments over it and at times he mutually embraces it.

Back in Magandang Tanghali Bayan, Willie faced a series of suspension for naughty remarks, sharing our humor and hilarity when it comes to the sexiest of women. He’s had novelty songs so naughty that even his album was bound for censorship.

Then Wowowee came and provided him with network-defining star power, making him a solemn commodity in all of showbiz. A one-man show that for a while competed against the proven staple of Tito, Vic, and Joey, and the rest of the Eat Bulaga crew.

But then the naughty started becoming absurd: getting personal with rival host Joey De Leon, ranting about Cory Aquino’s funeral, rifting with Jobert Sucaldito, and his ongoing legal case against ABS-CBN. His personal life meanwhile have had its share of ups and downs too.

He did return to television via Willing Willie on TV5. Of course it would soon meet not a few collisions. First, his clash with former cast mates John Estrada and Randy Santiago.  And now, the Jan Jan incident.

But Willie, presently working in the midst of this child abuse case, is uncharacteristically fatigued from all the negative remarks coming his way. He mocks another possible firing, saying he can opt to work Willing Willie behind the scenes if need be.

Not to say that Willie is immune to being controversy prone, but hurdles from the past four years have made him television’s resident black sheep. So much that he welcomes his departure from it. Whatever people power he still has coming into TV5 is fast fading into oblivion.

The case here isn’t whether Willie is to blame for Jan Jan’s dancing – the parents, the uncle who taught him that move, and the audition team are some of those that should also be held responsible – but whether the TV host still cares about the hate stones thrown at him.

It is after all, most scary when a TV host of his power and caliber stops minding the values of society. Imagine the depths he might go through just to see how far he can go, high or low.

The good news here is he is a father, a grandfather even, and he loves his demographic too much for him to simply let go. We’ve seen him as a culprit many times, but the pure, adulterated laughs he continues to give us makes it hard for us to let go as well.

So here’s to hoping we see Willie, just the way we love him – idol of the masses, unconventional jokester, and bona fide ladies’ man. He has the chance to go down in history as a cultural icon alongside Action Kings and Comedy Kings and the rest of them showbiz royalties. If it wasn’t for his rising ego, he’d already be there.

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