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Are You Equipped For The Country's Highest Paying Jobs?

Take note, job hunters!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Feb 24, 2017
Most Popular released its latest Salary Report and Job Trends Initial Data earlier this week. As in previous years, it revealed all the must-know trends in the local employment market. If you've recently graduated (or are curious about exploring other options), here's a short list of industries that are capable of busting out the big bucks. Take note, however, that these sectors might be doling out the most cash when it comes to employee compensation, but in order to earn that sum, you need to be properly equipped for the available positions.    

According to the report, Information Technology-related specialists continue to thrive in a technological society as the top-paid employees, especially in the Junior Executive and Supervisory levels. Those with five to 10 years of work experience make up to P68,700, while the less-experienced earn an average of P37,000.

Salaries of the Top 10 specializations in the Junior Executive level (with less than five years of work experience) have gone steady after last year's significant growth. Monthly salary is flat—but still the highest—for IT-related jobs for the last two years. Among junior executives, only those in the Healthcare, Banking/Financial Services, and Advertising/Media Planning industries generated increase in average salary from previous year.

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Check out the top 10 highest paying jobs for junior executives below:

1) IT-related – P37,304

2) Law/Legal Services – P29,430

3) Training and Development – P27,253

4) Banking/Financial Services – P27,188

5) Actuarial Science/Statistics – P27,604

6) Public Relations/Communications – P26,948

7) Healthcare Related – P26,655

8) Journalist/Editor – P26,542

9) Customer Related Service –P24,755

10) Advertising/Media Planning –P24,314


For supervisors (with five to 10 years of experience), the average salary has increased in many industries, except in Quality Assurance. Actuarial Science supervisors, along with the number of available jobs in this specialization, saw a huge jump in terms of pay, from P33,219 to P65,741.

Meanwhile, salaries of managers (with more than 10 years of experience) in Corporate Strategy, PR/Communications, and Banking/Financial Services rose in 2016. 

“From the data we have gathered, we can really see the uptrend and upward mobility of professions as indicated by their respective industry’s increase in salary. This also shows how current companies are expanding as they are more inclined to invest in their employees,” said Philip Gioca, Country Manager.

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