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The Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates—Revealed!

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by Khatrina Bonagua | Mar 18, 2017
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A survey conducted by leading internet recruitment website JobStreet Philippines ranked the industries with the highest starting salaries for fresh graduates.

The survey, which was conducted from the last quarter of 2016 until February 2017, found that law and legal services ranked as the highest paying industry, overtaking the IT sector which had topped the list for years.

Studies by show that fresh hires in law and legal services get an average of P27,124 per month, an impressive sum for entry level positions.

Next in line are health-care related and journalism professions, which include writers, translators, and online content writers, where hopefuls are able to earn an average of P23,216 and P21,711 respectively.

Check out the complete list below:

Continue reading below ↓ also found that eight out of 10 employers hired a fresh graduate in 2016.

On the other hand, companies who did not employ fresh graduates gave the following reasons for turning them down: 1) They only have specialized positions (43 percent); 2) They only hire applicants with work experience (29 percent); and 3) There were no vacancies for fresh graduates in their company (10 percent).

Survey results were gathered from combined data on unique job postings on and the responses of 644 companies that participated.


Meanwhile, in an interview with Mark Nichol T. Turija, Content Marketing Specialist of JobStreet Philippines, he shared the jobs/fields which attract the most attention from job hunters in the past years:

1) Clerical/Administrative Support
2) Human Resources
3) Finance-General/Cost Accounting
4) Customer Service
5) Food/Beverage/Restaurant Service

As for millennials, here are the specialized positions most fresh graduates applied for:

1) Clerical/Administrative Support
2) Customer Service
3) Banking/Financial Services
4) Food/Beverage/Restaurant Service
5) Human Resources

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“These specializations have maintained their popularity, with only slight changes in their ranking, but still secured their place within the top 10,” Turija added. “The past year has seen the most growth in jobs in the transportation and logistics industry, replacing Advertising in the top 10.” 

On the other hand, the most in-demand jobs are found in the following industries:

1) Call Center / IT-Enabled Services / BPO
2) Retail / Merchandise
3) Manufacturing / Production
4) Property / Real Estate
5) Banking / Financial Services
6) Construction / Building / Engineering
7) Food & Beverage / Catering / Restaurant
8) Computer / Information Technology (Software)
9) General & Wholesale Trading
10) Transportation / Logistics


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