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Hong Kong, Eto'ng Sa'nyo!

This is how we make <em>bawi </em>for that lousy commercial!
| Jun 19, 2014
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FHM Nation, have you seen the insurance ad that caught the ire of Filipino and Indonesian domestic helpers in Hong Kong? It was one of the most racist things we've ever encountered!

Aimed at the employers of Hong Kong's over 300,000 maids, the domestic helper insurance commercial for Hong Leong Bank shows the Chinese actor wearing dark-orange makeup and a curly wig as he plays a clumsy maid named Maria. Press play on the video below to see it:

"I think they should make a public apology," says Eni Lestari, a spokeswoman for the Asian Migrants' Coordinating Body. "You are making comedy out of someone, out of a community. For them it's funny, but what they don't realize is what's funny is actually racist."

The folks at Hong Leong Bank have yet to issue an apology, but it appears that they have already removed the link to the advertisement on their website yesterday. 

In line with this very unfortunate incident, we'd like to ask the people of Hong Kong: What's up with that? Why do you have to tap into the racial and cultural stereotypes that are hurting so many people? Because we've got news for you, sirs and madams: You're all just as weird and crazy as the rest of your Asian neighbors!

Need we even elaborate? Fine...

For one, the salons in Hong Kong are literally as cutthroat as it gets. Face and neck removal; is that even legal? And why does it cost so much? 

hong kong

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Do you recognize what's wrong in this advertisement? The copy says Hong Kong in it, but we're pretty sure that's a photo of the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore! What, your own skylines aren't good enough for you? 

Hong Kong

Please don't take this personally, but nobody understands the words that are coming out of your mouths every time you try to speak English. That Hong Kong accent is just too much, you know?

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is also notorious for its share of horrible typhoons, and while we commend the country's journalists for reporting the news right at the heart of the storm, they were nowhere near as calm and composed as our very own Atom Araullo. You looked like idiots out there!

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