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Hontiveros Seeks To End Gender Violence With 'Tres Marias' Bills

By women, for women
by Andrei Medina | Nov 23, 2016
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Amid the rampant sexual harassment against women on social media, Senator Risa Hontiveros has decided to file three bills that will counter violence against women in all fronts.

The neophyte senator filed the following which she referred to as the "Tres Marias" bills:

1) Senate Bill No. 1250 or the the Anti Sexual Harassment Bill

This bill aims to penalize acts of sexual harassment conducted by subordinates on their superiors.

2) Senate Bill No. 1251 or the Gender-Based Electronic Violence

A bill that promotes responsible social media activity by penalizing individuals that post gender offensive content including homophobic and misogynistic posts online.


3) Senate Bill No. 1252 or the Anti-Rape Act

Under this bill, the age of statutory rape will be 12 years old instead of the current 18.

Committing rape as a hate crime, recording rape on video and using one's authority to manipulate a person into rape will also increase the gravity of the crime.

During the filing of the bills, Hontiveros was accompanied by Anne Nicole Castro, the anti-Marcos burial protester who was at the receiving end of multiple sexual harassment from random netizens.

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The lewd comments of a supposed police man expressing his desire to do a threesome with Castro and another netizen went viral.

Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa for his part said they would not tolerate this kind of action from their police force and would have the matter investigated and resolved immediately.

Hontiveros’ move comes at a time when online sexual harassment have been shown to have more adverse effects on women compared to men.

According to a Data & Society study posted on the Chicago Tribune, half of American netizens have been faced with online harassment with women being targeted twice as much as men.

However, women get more vicious online threats and tend to take it harder than their counterparts which usually result in them being silent on issues where they usually voiced out their opinion.


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