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Hot Reads: Dan Brown's Inferno, How to Make A Zombie, and Happy Money

We read too, sometimes!
by Cara Maia Tanlimco | Aug 5, 2013
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When Dan Brown's Inferno and its controversial bits came out (where Manila was described as the "Gates of Hell") we of course wanted to read it more. When we went to the bookstore however, to our surprise, it wasn't the only book around that seemed interesting. We found books on smart spending, a book that dissects the underlying themes of the classic tale David & Goliath and its modern-day implications, and, also, a book on making zombies. Obviously, we need to know how to make one so that one day we might know how to effectively put them down.

Read about these books and our take on them below. Let's take a break from looking at women, and put our glasses on!


Dan Brown

Robert Langdon (or shall we say, Dan Brown), my boy, what have you gotten yourself into now? The Harvard Symbology professor makes a fourth return to solve yet another maze of cryptic codes and riddles and untangle a web of conspiracies—all engineered by the villainous Bertrand Zobrist, a brilliant scientist, who also happens to be Dante Alighieri’s Inferno’s No. 1 fan. Follow Langdon through the tourist trail as he races to stop Zobrist’s dying wish to unleash his homebrewed virus that will forever alter the human race.

For: Conspiracy theorists who read into everything


Frank Swain

While you count the days for Rick and the Governor to resume their fight to the finish in Walking Dead, join Frank Swain’s search of how real-life zombies are reborn in the dark corners of the world, where severed dog heads are brought back to life, drugs from secret agents turn unfortunate mugs into zombies, and the elixir of life is masked in an 18th Century painting, hidden from unworthy eyes—as if working 9 to 5 every day is not enough to count us among the undead, Frank.

  Zombie-loving freaks.

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Originally published in FHM's July 2013 issue
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