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WATCH: Genius Hacks For A More Satisfying Hotel Stay

While hotels aim to provide high-class services, there are still a few inconveniences inside their ____-star rooms. This video provides solutions to those dilemmas.
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 12, 2016
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Hotels aim to provide upgraded versions of the kind of service and living experience we have at our humble homes. Which is also why we, as travelers, always look forward to spending a night or two at these posh havens.

While hotels usually make good on their promise, there are still a few inconveniences that patrons face inside their _____-star rooms. What do you eat if you want to avoid their overpriced meals? How do you keep your clothes smelling fresh? How do you keep the AC on when you're outside?

We're pretty sure frequent travelers can relate...


The simplest tip is you should give the service desk a ring. Or, you could check the video below from Facebook page Tintu-Mon that shows a load of genius hacks for a more comfy hotel stay.

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Wow! Who knew that an electric kettle can be versatile AF?

Even better, many of these hacks transcend hotel room walls and can be used in other settings, from dorms to your bud's condo. Heck, you don't have to leave your house to find these tips useful!


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