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This Is How Mcdo Makes Its Fries
One of fast-food's biggest mystery, finally solved!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 24, 2015
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The world's biggest fast food chain, McDonald's, is known not only for their awesome french fries, but also for their somewhat big-evil-corporation reputation.

Scientific data aside, food from McDonald's are generally perceived to be completely unhealthysaid to be the result of mutant potatoes, earthworm meat, chemically-blasted chickens or whatnot. Whether or not these claims are true, we make no final stake.

What we do know is that the company has been trying out a series of online videos focused on shedding light on their products and dispelling the ill repute their food has slowly earned over the past decade. The campaign goes by the tagline, "Our food. Your questions."

The latest video in the series discusses our favorite item in their menu, the french fries.

Watch it here:

Video via McDonald's

In the video, Ronald McDonald and the gang calls upon the help of Mythbusters' Team B member, Grant Imahara. Grant, in the start of the infomercial, asks: "These look like potatoes. But are they real potatoes?" The question is something we've asked ourselves, rooting from the general paranoia that people today have towards big companies.

To answer the question, Grant starts with a piece of fry and reverse-engineers the process of making a fry. From the fries we pop into our mouth, this mythbuster goes back, step-by-step, to trace just how these things are made.

While the information revealed isn't scientifically in-depth, we can eat our fries easy knowing that yes, these fatty goodies are actually potatoes and not killer, mutant spuds we've all imagined them to be. 

If anything, we enjoyed looking at the comments section, ranging from McDonald's defenders to trolls to people who just want to enjoy their damned fries:

This one's the troll:

And this is the guy that just wants his damned fries:

And this is the McDo fan:

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