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World Ender: How to Date Your Girlfriend

Rekindle the love on doomsday
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 21, 2012
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For once, we're catering to the folks, who are in a mature and loving relationship. The couples who've successfully established an ordering system at restaurants, who have solid go-to places they've been going to for five years now. Those who need to maybe bring back in the spark, the fireworks, those who have ever really loved a woman, Bryan Adams style.

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In the context of the potential apocalypse getting in the way of a charming life between you and your girl this year, this is probably your final chance to make a good impression as a loving, dating, man.

We want you to rekindle the spirit of love. Recall the precious memories. Relive it like it's the last thing you wanna remember as the 21st of December hits. Date your girlfriend again like you're dating a girl again. Do it like a legitimate guy would, notwithstanding all the ribs and disses that will come your way. These are hopeless times, love is in a hopeless place, but what you can be in the midst of all this is remain an awesome boyfriend. This is how you will pull off your final date together:

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