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How To Enjoy An Art Festival

Where blood-hungry versions of childhood mascots happen
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 8, 2012
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Do you really need us to tell you how to enjoy an art festival? You’re big boys and girls now, you should be able to figure that stuff out by yourself. Even if you don’t really like art, the key word is “festival”—loosely defined as “a celebration of something where you can, possibly, potentially have the most awesome time of your life for one reason or another because you choose to do so.”

Having a good time at one of these things shouldn’t be too difficult. Unless, of course, you are a straight-up buzzkill and that’s all you know how to do.

But if you aren’t, then the previous statement should remain true. Anyway, take the recently concluded Bloom Arts Festival held last September 29 at Cubao X inside the Araneta Center. It had lots of cool art, some good music, and a fair amount of ladies who, most probably, had some sort of inclination towards art.

The point is that there was an option for everyone: from the solid art aficionados, to the drunks, to party peeps, even for the lotharios and coquettes, which are two old-world terms for flirts. The main purpose of a festival is to celebrate something. That should be pretty easy to comprehend.

The thing about art festivals is that the crowd is diverse and unique. And predictable, in a sense. So if you want to talk to someone, striking up a conversation is easy as pie, just put on your “deep” hat and don’t forget to wear your “profound and learned” frilly artist scarf. At Bloom, also, people seemed to be wearing their “Wayfarers of Intrigue” and their Plaid Shirts of “Meaning,” while mentioning countless times that everything is “sooooo Meta.” Or you could just enjoy whatever pretty art they have to offer. A sample of which you could find on our gallery below!

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