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How to raise a baby genius!

<p>Keep ‘em coming, your tales of shame!</p>
| Jun 27, 2008
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A few years back, I’d usually travel from my house in Cubao to my ex-girlfriend’s place in Bulacan during weekends. Tiring, but it always paid off since I always got the sexy time as my reward. We had to sneak to do the dirty deed, though, because her mom and two little stepbrothers were always home. One day, her mom asked us to take her two-year-old stepbrother out for a walk. Feeling hot for each other, I convinced her to go to an unoccupied house just beside theirs. We left his little brother to wander around. As for the both of us? We went to the comfort room and started to make out and cuddle. She was giving me a smooth head when her brother appeared from nowhere, staring at us, with no underwear and—lo and behold!—with a hard-on! We were shocked that we immediately put our clothes on and carried the toddler back to the house. Unfortunate for the kid, he won’t be able to remember all the fine things he had seen.
Or would he?

Squidman28, by email
Illustration by: Mikke Gallardo

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