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World Ender: Let's Go Surfing!

Here's lesson number one: learn to swim
by Gelo Gonzales | May 21, 2012
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You can break your spine skating, you can plummet to your death bungee jumping just as easily as you can snap your neck from doing a double twisting backflip over a huge dog, say a German Shepherd. Our mind recognizes danger, and releases the appropriate chemicals to tell us “hey stupid, don’t do it, you gonna get the both of us killed.”

Don’t bother, however, to search for “German Shepherd double backflip,” on Youtube because it’s just something stupid we made up.

But here’s something that actually happened: late last March, we received an email from Freesurf Inc., the country’s exclusive distributor of Australian surf brand, Billabong, and the people behind Aloha Boardsports, a concept store that carries “boardsports lifestyle brands.”

It was an invite.

As part of their initiative to facilitate the growth of the local boardsports scene, they were setting up stores outside Manila. We were invited to the launching of their first outlets ouside Manila, in Abreeza Mall in Davao.

Partly because it was a free get-out-of-the-city stub, we said yes right away. It was only when we had read the fine print that we realized what we were really getting ourselves into: they were going to let us surf.

                                                   And then they showed us this picture.

We hadn’t tried it before, so we were initially awash in excitement. We were, ahem, stoked, daydreaming about the tricks we might pull off. But you know how dreams are: just as things start to get real good, you’re jettisoned back to reality.

Never one to let a good opportunity pass, our mind decides to drop by with his bag of what-ifs (the asshole never leaves home without it.) “What if waves pull you towards the open seas never to be heard from again? What if the board cracks your skull? What if sharks? What if tsunami? What if your leg gets trapped in a giant clam? What if you can’t swim?”

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