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Hubert Webb, now on Twitter?

<p>A lil Twitter comedy never hurt no one</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 20, 2010
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We saw it, smelled it, and heard it coming. [firstpara]

After the controversy that was Hubert Webb’s acquittal last December 14, it was only a matter of time before the issue was preyed upon by the naturally smart-alecky Filipinos.

The best one to have appeared though is a Twitter account pretending to be the acquitted one. Calling himself the “freed hubert webb,” the twitter account mocks Hubert Webb and his apparent lack of knowledge of the outside world, which is probably what a 15-year vacation in the slammer would do to anyone.

While the idea of using a Twitter account to impersonate in the name of comedy is not original (PCOSmachine can claim “first!” in this case), the fake Hubert Webb Twitter account is still a very clever piece of Internet silliness, and another example of how Filipinos can seemingly laugh off everything, a case of murder notwithstanding.

Here are some of the funniest tweets from the said account:

Hubert Webb is not a techie, just yet

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  • 6:19 PM December 13th via web “on way to Vira Mall to trade-in my beeper”
  • 7:18 PM December 13th via web “Wait, how do you put a CD into this iPod thing?”
  • 2:01:19 PM December 14th via web “killing time with my brickgame”
  • 3:00:12 PM December 15th via web “would be so cool if someone invented a computer that was flat like a notepad! And then! you could touch the screen to press buttons & type!”

Fashion ain’t his strong suit

  • 1:37:53 PM December 14th via web “Why are all the guys wearing Sperry Topsiders? It's so 80s! Baduy, man.”
  • 8:38:43 PM December 14th via Twitter for iPhone “Back in the game. Yaya's ironing the long backs. Word.”
  • 9:54:32 AM December 15th via Mobile Web “damn, can't find my Depp hair gel!”

And he also doesn’t know where to hang out

  • 6:54 PM Dec 13th via web “Guys, Freedom Party for me tonight! See you at Mars disco!!!!!”
  • 6:20:03 PM December 14th via web "Why's everyone telling me to check out Fort? What's in Fort Santiago?
  • 12:40:41 PM December 16th via web “so, is Cindy's still the place to be?”

Bonus! The PCOSmachine! It answers!

From PCOSmachine:

  • 9:28 PM Dec 14th via Twitter for iPhone “People have been asking if I am tweeting for @iamhubertwebb. I am willing to answer that question... ... after 19 years.”


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