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Halakhakan 2013: Babes with Cute Gag Faces!

by Mikey Agulto | Apr 18, 2013
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Cute Gag FaceWe owe the likes of Bitoy, Ogie, and the writers of Bubble Gang a great deal of gratitude for today's story. The show's routine comedy sketches, while mere short snippets leading up to more popular skits such as "Mr. Assimo" and "Muchas Gracias," paved the way for some of the cutest gag faces on television. Check out Rufa Mae Quinto, Maureen Larrazabal, and the rest of them babes who can pull off the cutest "Nyek!" and "Acheche!" look on TV!

Cute Gag Face #19:
The dismayado gag face, courtesy of LJ Reyes

Cute Gag Face LJ Reyes
Cute Gag Face #18: The dazed and confused look, courtesy of Cherry Ann Kubota

Cute Gag Face Cherry Kubota
Cute Gag Face #17: The slapstick approach, courtesy of Ehra Madrigal

Cute Gag Face Ehra Madrigal
Cute Gag Face #16: The take-one-for-the-team approach, courtesy of Marian Rivera

Cute Gag Face Marian Rivera

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