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This Video Will Show You Self-Driving Cars Are For Real!

No longer a figment of our geeky imaginations, self-driving cars are real and truly awesome!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 4, 2014
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Want to take a sneak peek at the future of cars?


hyundai self driving car(Image via

Sure, it just shows a bunch of cars seemingly stuck in traffic and a steering wheel moving without human intervention. While that in itself isn’t really impressive, the bigger picture will blow gearheads away...

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It’s actually taken from a clip that shows a slew of cars rolling along without drivers (except for one, and he's blindfolded)! Self-driving cars are now for real, bros!

Now, before we show you the awesome video, a backgrounder is necessary. Titled the Empty Car Convoy, the video displays just how reliable the new technologies inside the 2015 Hyundai Genesis are in terms of assisting human drivers.

You’ve got the ASCC (Advanced Smart Cruise Control) for automatically adjusting the speed based on the car in front, the ARB (Automatic Emergency Braking System) for automatic braking even if the driver doesn’t react during an imminent crash, and the LKAS (Lane Keep Assist System) for keeping your ride safely within your lane. These hi-tech features certainly make the new Genesis the dream car for road seguristas!

Check it out:

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