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Hyundai offers trip for two to Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa

<p>Dreams of grandeur come true</p>
| Apr 13, 2010
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With their increasingly exciting lineup of cars, Korean carmaker Hyundai, promises not just to take you in and around the metro, but also to one of the best vacation hotspots in the country: Boracay. For free.  [firstpara]

How exactly? It’s simple. Just head on over to, and take the Hyundaiscape quiz, which determines which Hyundai car is best for you.

No need to review anything. The Hyundaiscape quiz is a simple personality quiz that consists of nine personal questions about your lifestyle and driving habits. That's right, no right or wrong answers, here. It’s like a quiz on Facebook, only this time, you actually have the chance of winning something! And if you’d ask us, we’d never say no to a free trip for two to Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa.

Other than that, also has a Shoutbox feature, much like the one in Facebook. If your shoutout is cool enough, you get the chance to win exclusive freebies from Hyundai. They’re feeling generous right now, aren’t they?

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An "Online Showroom" and a "Dealer Finder" feature round out Hyundai’s website, where you’ll get to see the details of the Hyundai car you’ve been salivating over, as well as where to get it. Visit now, and you might just turn your online adventures into a real one!




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