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Is Showbiz Breaking the Fourth Wall?

It's a mad, mad world
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 5, 2011
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Ah, showbusiness. What is up?! First, there's Ruffa Gutierrez revealing John Lloyd Cruz’ relationship inhibitions, and then there's the KC Concepion- Piolo Pascual break-up, and most recently Mo Twister inadvertently giving Rhian Ramos a career nightmare. Those are three relationships, six high profile showbiz personalities whose careers aren't so much in jeopardy, as they are in a spiral; downward or outward, only time will tell.

There’s one thing we’ve got to admit. We are curious. There. We said it. We are curious. Who did what? Who did whom? Who went out with whom? Who went out at all? While artists are now more open, tell-alls, we noticed, don't really tell much. We want to know the truth and nothing but.

The showbiz industry is starting to break the fourth wall, and showbiz personalities are doing themselves! In the fiercest possible manner, too. Showbiz talk shows are quite the talk of the town, and our colleagues from are probably busier than ever. But the tables have turned. Where before showbiz reporters, as all reporters, will do things for a scoop, now, they're merely the truth feeders. It is the celebrities themselves, who are doing the dirty work.

But it’s actually funny, if not ironic. Ruffa and Mo are both Paparazzi mainstays, while KC shares hosting duties on The Buzz. They are the very celebrities who have mastered the mechanics of an efficient tsismis talk show. So perhaps part of them breaking the wall might have something to do with the fact that they are not only the subject of the truth, they themselves are the feeders of it.

So what does that tell us? Perhaps the industry has already begun to pick up on their viewers’ quest for more than just the juicy truth. Maybe these celebrities are tired of staying on the good and glamorous side of the fence. Call it what you want—airing of dirty laundry, emptying of closets, telling the truth—it doesn't really matter. 

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What matters is seeing the industry and the personalities evolve. Did you ever think you'd see the day when they themselves would break the fourth wall? Neither did we. We guess, this is entertainment?

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