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FTW Video Of The Day: Modern Samurai Easily Slices 100MPH Baseball In Half

The fastball isn't fast enough for this master swordsman.
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 15, 2015
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You probably already know who Isao Machii is.

What? "Not yet?" He once took on a freakin' robot in an epic slice-off.

You could say he's a real-life samurai with Rurouni Kenshin-level sword skills. Other exploits in his impressive résumé: cutting gun pellets, fastest 1,000 sword cuts, and slicing a speeding, uhm, fried shrimp, among others.

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Recently though he decided to take his sword-wielding talents to the world of baseball. His purpose: show the whole world that a fastball isn't really fast enough for him.


Holy mother of baseballs!

That ball he neatly sliced in half? It was going at a cool 100mph—even faster than most expressway douchebags. What's more impressive is how he approached the situation. Whereas others with his skill level would be a bit cocky or reckless (we know we would be), he remained calm and studied what he's up against.

The result: a FTW moment achieved on the first try.

Keep on slicing, Machii-san, and we'll keep on watching!

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