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Itch: Scratched

The difference in confessions between ladies and men? Yours are funnier
by Ronjay Eduvas | Nov 30, 2011
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It was a pleasant day-off for me, and as usual, I decided to have a morning quickie with my girlfriend. Her brother was on his way home from school so we picked the laundry room as location. My pants were already down when her brother barged in, so I quickly grabbed one of the unwashed T-shirts to cover my tool. After my girl shooed away her brother, I started to feel a weird sting in my crotch area. It started to get worse. Upon checking, we found a big centipede stuck between my balls, which probably came from the shirt I used. I quickly removed the critter and burned it on the kitchen stove. But my testicles were red the whole day. Stupid bug!
Bugboy, by email

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