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Jac of Playdolls- FHM 100% Hottie June 2011

Good dancers are good in bed! Jac gives us the reason why to believe it!

by Ronjay Eduvas | Jun 6, 2011
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The afternoon was already scorching as it is. It was the kind of heat that could make you crack open an egg on top of a car’s hood and cook it sunny side up. Sweaty and all, we had no idea this searing afternoon was just the beginning. The day was bound to get hotter, gentlemen. We didn’t know it was going to be a serious rise in temperature. Jac, our FHM Hottie for June, is the culprit.

As soon as we entered the air conditioned room, hoping to cool down our already heat-fazed heads, we realized that cooling down is next to impossible. Jac was stripping down to her birthday suit. What gave this erm, event, that extra sizzle, was Jac’s, professional dancer that she is, movement. She sways in such a way as to innocently tickle the loins of those who watch her. It was all too easy to imagine paradise, ice cold beer in hand. Until our bubbles were burst: was there an extension where from an extra set of lights could be plugged in. This was work after all.

You seem at ease toying with our camera?
Bata pa lang kasi ako sinasali na ako ng parents ko sa mga beauty pageants sa school, saka iba pang competitions. I’ve done a sexy shoot na rin kasi before, but yung nude talaga, first time I did it, February this year lang. First time ko yun, doon talaga ako kinabahan.

And it looks like that you’ve brushed off that fear during this shoot?
Nagawa ko na kasi siya, gusto ko rin talaga yung modeling, and okay yung photographer.

Girls are really fond of taking of photos of themselves just for fun. Are you the same?
Oo naman! (laughs). Minsan kapag walang magawa sa bahay. Lalo na kapag ako lang talaga mag-isa.

So you’re home alone with a camera in hand. Are we on the same page here?
Hahaha! Yeah, I’ve taken photos of myself naked! sa harap ng mirror, tinitignan ko kung sexy na ba ako.

And do these photos stay hidden in your folder or do you let other people take a peek on it?
Sa mga girl friends ko lang and sa boyfriend ko.

We heard you’re quite a dancer too.
Yeah. I’m one of the back up dancers of Playgirls. Ang tawag sa amin Playmates.

How long have you been dancing?
Since nung bata pa ako, mahilig na talaga ako magsayaw. Siguro nag start ako mga 5 years old pa lang talaga ako.

If we were to watch you perform, what can we expect from you?
I always wear sexy attires when I’m on stage which matches our dance routine kasi sexy din yung mga sayaw namin.

What’s the sexiest dance routine you’ve done so far?
Lap dance!

Really? A lap dance on stage?
Ah no. Ginagawa ko lang yun sa boyfriend ko.

So how did it happen? Was it planned?
Oo naman pinagplanuhan ko. Actually, hindi ko talaga alam kung paano siya gawin. Basta yung mga napapanood ko lang sa TV, ginaya ko lang.  

Do you have a certain song that can get you into the mood whenever it’ll be played?
Siguro, Wonderful Tonight! (Laughs)

A classic! Wouldn’t the vibe be too slow?
Talagang mabagal siya, but that’s what makes it sexier. It’s the song I usually used whenever I feel like doing a lap dance for my man.

True or false: A good dancer is good in bed.
Depende siguro. But kung ako yung basis, pwede siguro! (Laughs) Pero hindi ko sinasabi na lahat ng dancer ganun. And napapansin ko, parang it applies with the opposite sex din. Kasi may mga guys na magaling magsayaw, I must admit, magaling sila sa sex. Ha ha!

So are you saying that you’re good in bed?
Siguro out of 10, baka 8 lang ako. Yung other 2 bibigay ko na sa partner ko. Basta when it comes down to doing the deed, hindi ako kuntento sa 3 rounds lang sa isang gabi. Dapat more!  Ha ha ha!

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