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#MakaalalaKaNaSana: 9 Questions We'd Like To Ask Mrs. Napoles

For instance, is it true. Mrs. Napoles, that you own 28 houses? And <em>pwede bang sa'min na lang yung isa</em>? &nbsp;
by Cia Juan | Apr 24, 2014
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Do you remember the biggest news item on November 7, 2013?


Ang bilis mo naman makalimot!

It was a Thursday, and everyone was glued to their TV/radio/PC or mobile livestream to listen as the country's most hated middle-aged woman appeared before the Senate. But instead of witnessing a crucifixion, we were given this BS:

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Remember it now? Here's another one of her golden answers:

Five months after that sham of a hearing and several hospital visits that cost the government P120,00-plus each to provide her security for (not to mention her P150,00-a-month vacation detention cost), Janet Lim-Napoles, the alleged “Pork Barrel Queen,” wants to be a state witness in the P10 billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam.

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We know, this sounds stupid. We all kinda believe that she's not the least guilty of this crime. However, if her finally yapping will tell us how the eff some government officials stole our money, then we might be good with it. MIGHT. 

But we'll only know how beneficial she is only after we've been shown the testimony/confession she has rumored to have given to the government. In the meantime, we've already sent word to Justice Secretary Leila de Lima about our wish to be the first institution to interrogate Mrs. Napoles. (Okay, we didn't really do that, but we do have questions, questions that the whole country wants to ask!)   

Below is how we plan to grill the Pork Barrel Queen!

Mrs. Napoles, is it true that you own at least 28 houses, the largest of which are the Two Houses of Congress? 

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According to Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares, Janet Napoles’ acquisitions alone (not including her husband’s) amounted to P4.17 million in 2004, P22.29 million in 2006, P4.35 million in 2008, P9.84 million in 2009, P6.33 million in 2010, P5.64 million in 2011, and P6.89 million in 2012. The question is, how was she able to acquire all these? Ang yaman mo naman, Tita Janet! 

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