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Japanese Girls Go For the Snaggle Teeth Look!

The Japanese are it again
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 8, 2013
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Such innovative oddballs, these Japanese girls. The latest trend in the country of the peculiar: the “Yaeba,” also known as the snaggle tooth.

As opposed to the rest of the world who seek dental perfection, Japanese girls are very much into having a set of snaggle teeth since it makes them look cute and girlish in contemporary Japanese culture. The word "Yaeba," meaning “double tooth,” is used to describe a dental oddity that takes place when two molars crowd the canines and create an effect of certain teeth being pushed forward, or as we would call it, “baby teeth.”

For just about $400, Japanese dentists would change your mouth by placing in artificial teeth called “Tsuke-yaeba,” which means stick-on crooked teeth. They are affixed to the natural teeth with non-permanent glue and color-matched to a patient’s real teeth. Here’s what the Yaeba effect looks like:

Popular belief also suggests the snaggle teeth effect makes these girls seem approachable because of their less than perfect appearance, hence encouraging men to get less intimidated by their looks. Yeah right, like we think that far ahead with women.

The Yaeba effect is also apparently a measurement for status symbol. Pulling off the look is a way for rich Japanese girls to display their luho and gap themselves from middle-classed women with an adequate set of teeth.

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