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FHM Investigates: Is 'Jay Bee,' The Jollibee Delivery Scammer, Real?

Or have we fallen victim (again) to the Internet and its trolls?
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jul 7, 2015
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Over the weekend, a story about an abusive fast food customer went viral on social media.

Apparently, the man, identified as "Jay Bee" on Facebook, had the balls to gloat on the social-networking site about how he duped an unwitting delivery guy to take advantage of Jollibee's 20-minute delivery guarantee.

He even confessed that he held the poor rider at the reception area of his residence to get P200 worth of gift certificates. The nerve!

The trending post also came with photos of the supposed scammer:

Naturally, netizens were enraged upon learning of the incident, with comments ranging from annoyed to downright insulting. Well, you can't really blame 'em...

But what added insult to injury was the (alleged) subsequent post from the now-scorned man, who seemed to be enjoying the spotlight:

Makes your blood boil, right?

However, we here at FHM don't jump to conclusions easily and are among those actually questioning the validity of the story. For example, isn't it ironic (and weird) that the man is named "Jay Bee," (or J.B., as in Jolli Bee)? Also, why was his name covered with a bandage emoji in the original post, and then his identity—including his school, location, and place of origin—fully revealed in the next photo? Lastly, why did the delivery receipt look like it was tampered with?

We get the people above, especially given the power social media wields. Who knows? All of this might just be the work of a bored, walang-magawang-matino-sa-buhay troll. Or, worse, a person who holds a grudge against someone and is using social media to take revenge.

One social media personality who took action regarding the issue is Senyora Santibañez (a popular parody Facebook page), who got in touch with the girl who commented to Jay Bee's original post:

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Photo via Senyora Santibañez' Facebook page

Photo via Senyora Santibañez' Facebook page

Photo via Senyora Santibañez' Facebook page

Photo via Senyora Santibañez' Facebook page

The woman, in her recent posts, also shared that she has been receiving threats and has been the target of bashers as well. (Can we please leave her alone?)

Another netizen who claims to have also been victimized by the same person sought the help of the Facebook page. He reportedly sent a message complete with a blotter report containing the supposed real name of alias Jay Bee:

Photo via Senyora Santibañez' Facebook page

Photo via Senyora Santibañez' Facebook page

Photo via Senyora Santibañez' Facebook page

Do you believe in Occhir's claim?

Ultimately, if the person identified as Jay Bee has already stumbled upon his newfound infamy and believes he hasn't done anything wrong, now is probably the perfect time to come out and defend himself. (We're just one Facebook message away.) Or if he's just that type of asshole, well then, best of luck to you, sir.

In an interview with Rappler, Jollibee Philippines public relations director Arline Adeva confirmed that "There was (indeed) a delivery transaction with similarities to the one you inquired about."

Apparently, Jollibee conducted its own investigation after learning of the story. Here's the lowdown, based on the fast food chain's own account: 

  • The following order: A Champ value meal (with regular fries and drink), spaghetti value meal (with regular drink), and one chocolate sundae were placed by a customer through Jollibee's delivery hotline—8-7000—with the transaction recorded on July 1 at 12:28 a.m.
  • The customer was advised by a call center agent that the total bill is P266.20.
  • The agent didn't miss out on informing the customer about Jollibee Delivery’s service guarantee policy, which states that "if the products are not delivered at the lobby of the delivery address within 20 minutes (based on retail trade area coverage) after the call was completed, he will be given P200 worth of Jollibee gift certificates as goodwill."
  • At 12:31 a.m., the call was completed and the time was synchronized between the agent and the customer.

Adeva pointed out that the assigned rider, who wishes not to be named, "arrived at the building’s reception area at exactly 12:50 a.m., well within the 20-minute delivery guarantee."

According to the rider, he "waited at the lobby as the building receptionist was calling the customer to inform him of the delivery." When he was finally allowed to go up to the customer's unit by 12:51 a.m., the latter argued with the rider about his late delivery and demanded his GCs.

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Because the rider "did not want to create a scene and to avoid prolonging the argument with the customer," he just "gave in to the customer’s insistent request to just deduct the equivalent of P200 worth of GC from his total bill," which according to Adeva is against Jollibee's standard policy. Regardless, she assured that the branch did not charge the GCs against the rider's salary.

After the rider calmly explained the guidelines of Jollibee's delivery guarantee, the customer paid the balance of P66.

With details of alias Jay Bee's exasperating stunt finally confirmed, Adeva's parting words were: "We trust that the public will treat our riders with the same courtesy, honesty, and respect that they deserve." Damn right.

(FHM also tried to contact Jollibee's 8-7000 trunkline but all we got was, "Would you like some fries with that, sir?")

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